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Broad Agency Announcement VS-05-01

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005
Administered by:

Department of the Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory, Contracting Directorate, AFRL-Kirtland Research Site
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  • Original Grant - Feb 16, 2005
Applications Due:

Open Ended BAA

total funding: $200,000,000
max award: $200,000,000
min award: $200,000,000
cost sharing, matching: No
number of awards: Not Available
type of funding: Procurement Contract

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Space Vehicles Directorate (VS) with locations at Kirtland AFB NM and Hanscom AFB MA, is interested in receiving proposals from all offerors to advance the state-of-the-art and scientific knowledge in space and missile technology. Proposals that either enable future space systems to meet performance, reliability, maintainability, supportability and affordability goals, or which enhance performance or significantly reduce cost, schedule, or risk of existing technologies, are of particular interest. The technical areas of interest are listed below.
A. Technical Areas at AFRL/VS, Kirtland AFB, NM
1. Space Antenna Technologies
2. Active Sensors
3. Passive Sensors
4. Space Cryogenic Cooling
5. Spectral/Polarimetric Remote Sensing
6. Space Structures
7. Space-Based Laser Communications Systems
8. Dynamics and Controls
9. Space Power Generation
10. Responsive Spacecraft
11. Space Electronics
12. Proximity Protection of Space Assets
13. Simulation and Technology Assessment
14. Advanced Ballistic Missile Technologies
15. Launch Systems Integration
16. Space Situational Awareness Technologies and Concepts
17. Innovative Aerospace Technologies and Concepts
B. Technical Areas at AFRL/VSB, Hanscom AFB, MA
1. Space Effects on Air Force Systems
2. Global Ionospheric Specification and Forecast
3. Ionospheric Effects
4. Background Clutter
5. Advanced Optical Technologies
6. Atmospheric and Geophysical Impacts and Mitigation
A. Technical Points of Contact (POC) are listed for each technical area in the attached technical area descriptions. Prospective offerors are reminded to contact the technical POC to verify interest in the effort to be proposed and the funding availability PRIOR to committing any resources to the preparation of any proposals in response to this announcement. Foreign owned firms are advised to contact the Contracting Point of Contact or Technical Point of Contact before submitting a proposal to determine whether there are restrictions on receiving an award.
B. Contracting Points of Contact:
Kirtland AFB NM:
PRIMARY: Det 8 AFRL/PKVS, Kirtland AFB, NM: KAY L. DAVIS, Kirtland BAA Monitor, Phone 505-853-4200, Fax 505-846-6022, Email kay.davis@Kirtland.af.mil
ALTERNATE: Det 8 AFRL/PKVS, Kirtland AFB, NM: WAYNE W. ZITZKA, Kirtland BAA Monitor, Phone 505-846-4987, Fax 505-846-6022, Email wayne.zitzka@kirtland.af.mil
Hanscom AFB MA:
AFRL/VSOT, Hanscom AFB, MA: CLAIRE MARCOTTE, Hanscom BAA Monitor, Phone 781-377-2598, Fax 781-377-5974, Email claire.marcotte@hanscom.af.mil
C. Dialogue between prospective offerors and Government representatives is encouraged until submission of proposals. Discussions with any of the points of contact shall not constitute a commitment by the Government to subsequently fund or award any proposed effort. Only Contracting Officers are legally authorized to commit the Government.
D. There will be no other solicitation issued for this requirement. Offerors should monitor the FedBizOpps homepage http://www.eps.gov and http://www.fedgrants.gov in the event this solicitation is amended.
Potential offerors are advised of the following:
A. The applicable NAICS code for this solicitation is 541710 with a size standard of 1,000 employees. This acquisition is unrestricted; full and open competition is anticipated.
B. Organizational Conflict of Interest may apply to this action but cannot be determined prior to issuance of this announcement and proposal submission. This issue and the need for applicable clauses will be resolved prior to the award of any instrument resulting from an offeror?s proposal.
C. An ?Administrative Access to Proprietary Information? consent provision is applicable to this solicitation with anticipation of incorporation of the provision by reference into any resulting award instrument. The provision is included as an attachment to this solicitation. It must either be signed and submitted with the proposal or objections must be submitted as indicated on the consent form. See Attachment 3.
D. All Department of Energy (DOE) Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) and Department of Defense (DOD) FFRDCs C31 Lab, Lincoln Laboratory, or Software Engineering Institute may submit proposals in response to this solicitation/announcement. Other FFRDCs or contractors that propose using FFRDCs not discussed herein shall provide rationale in its proposal that research is within the purpose, mission, general scope of effort or special competency of the FFRDC and that research to be performed would not place the FFRDC in direct competition with the private sector. The Government does not intend that Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) use privileged information or access Government facilities to compete with the private sector. If an offeror proposes to use an FFRDC at a lower tier, other than DOD-sponsored FFRDCs in the capacities discussed in DFARS 235.017, it must provide rationale in its proposal that supports the unique capability of the FFRDC. Also, the offeror?s proposal shall demonstrate that the FFRDC can accept work from other than the sponsor.
A. Proposals in all technical areas listed above, will be received on a continuous basis. This BAA will remain open for 10 months from the date of publication or until replaced by a successor BAA, whichever is later.
B. There is no guarantee that awards will be made in each of the identified technical areas. The Government may make multiple awards in a technical area depending, in part, on the cost of individual proposals and the available funding. Due to funding constraints, the Government reserves the right to limit awards under any technical area. While proposals may be accepted at any time during the fiscal year, proposals received later in the fiscal year have a greater risk of not being funded due to unavailability of funds. Again, offerors are highly advised to contact the technical area point of contact prior to committing any resources to the preparation of a proposal.
C. Offerors should use the cost proposal instructions most appropriate for the nature of the R&D proposed. If an award under the FAR is contemplated, the Government intends to award a type of cost reimbursement contract.
D. Pending availability of funds, the Government expects to complete evaluation and, contingent upon the outcome of the evaluation, make awards within 90 days of receipt of the proposal(s).

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If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: Davis, Kay

Address Info:

Department of the Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory, Contracting Directorate, AFRL-Kirtland Research Site

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